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Our used handgun case has gems like a 1918 made Colt 1911 , 1907 Colt Hamerless, 1920’s Vest Pocket Colt 25, Glocks, Rugers, Sigs, Springfields, Walthers, S&W semi’s and wheel guns and others waiting to find a spot in your Gun Safe. This selection changes quickly so a fast stop in is the best way to not miss out on a great deal.

Mossberg 500s, Remington 870s and 887 Tacticals, Webly & Scott Home Security 12 gauges and plenty of hunting platforms.

Our Rifle selection features bolt actions, lever actions and compliant semi-autos. We have plenty Ruger Americans in 308, 270 and 30-06, S&W 15-22s, Henry Survival rifles, Henry cowboy style lever actions, Savage Axis, Marlin 336s, and Stevens. Check the blog for recent arrivals.

Choose from a wide selection of target and defense ammo at great prices. The Outpost Guns & Ammo carries CCI, Hornady, Winchester, Federal, Remington, Tula, Horders, Magtech, HSM, S&B, PPU, Armscor, Speer and much more.

Choose from a full line of holsters from JBP, Tagua Gunleathers, Uncle Mikes, Black Hawk and ROMA Leathers. We also carry double conceal leather vests, belts. fanny packs and a full line of ladies holster purses. Let our expert staff assist you in finding the perfect holster for your concealed carry needs.

One of the most important responsibilities for any gun owner is proper storage of their firearm. Choose from personal safes that securely attach to your car’s interior or a customizable biometric safe. You may also consider a single-gun safe for the home with the more traditional combination or keyed lock. You’ll find plenty to choose from Cannon Safes, GunVault, Plano and Allen Company.

Always check your users manual for proper take-down and cleaning of your firearm prior to firing. We carry a full line of cleaners, solvents, and lubes from top manufactures like Gunslick, Outers, M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner, Pro-Shot, Kleen-Bore, Rand CLP and Birchwood Casey.

We carry a full line of powders and primers from CCI, Alliant Black Mz, Alliant AR-Comp, Hornady Lock-N-Load, Nitro 100, Winchester, IMR, and Hodgdon. Find high quality, cleaned brass in all calibers.

The Outpost Guns & Ammo carries only the highest quality knives from manufactures like Buck and Cold Steel.

We always have pepper sprays that are easy to carry and use for everyone. We carry Ruger Mrs. Whoop ass and Whoop Ass in all shapes and sizes.

Whenever you shoot, protect your eyes and ears. We carry a wide selection of safety glasses and ear muffs from major brands like Global Vision, Champion, Peltor, Caldwell and many others.

An ever expanding line of accessories for you customization needs: Quad rails, Red Dots, Hawke Sporting optics, Pentax Scopes, Piston AR conversion kits, Scope Mounts and Bore sighting, Picatiny Rail Accessories, Bipods and Vertical grips, Handgun Grip Sleeves, Pinky extensions, laser dots, and Flash lights from Surefire and Fenix. Also all the mounting options you could ever need. Not only do we sell them, but we also install them and set them up just the way you want.




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